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Genus: Amelanchier         Species: spp.      Family: Rosaceae (Rose)

Common Names: Serviceberry, Shadbush, Juneberry

Leaf: Alternate, elliptical to ovate, serrate, usually finely.

Bud: terminal, (.75 - 1.5 cm. Usually), conical, imbricate, often with silky hairs.

Twig: Reddish-Brown / Grayish Brown

Bark: Typically gray, often becoming striped vertically

Fruit: Pom, (like apple, not a true berry) red to purple, up to 1cm. June, very good food, eat before birds.

Flower: White, Spring, early.

Habit: Small tree or shrub, single or multi-stemmed. Some more upright, some more tree-like. 4' high for Running serviceberry up to 20 feet or more for Allegheny, Shadblow etc. Can sometimes be more than 30' high (A. arborea, A. laevis). Some species "Suckering" and some stoloniferous.

Fall Color: orange-red / brick Red. Very attractive.

Eco / Notes: Understory/Forest edge. Ornamental, often planted in urban landscape but people aren't aware they're edible. In Ohio, common species are A. laevis, A, canadensis, A. arborea, and A. stolonifera among others.

Key ID Feature(s): Vertically striped bark.