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Additional References used on this site (recommended)

(Please see specific selections for more references, journal articles etc. on specific plants)

About the selections on this site

The selctions on this site are intended to provide information for persons who are interested in selecting alternatives to more commonly planted species for in urban areas. The goal of this site is to discuss selections which will improve the diversity of tree species in urban areas. The selections on this site are the results of various shade tree tests conducted at The Ohio State University. Emphasis was placed on trees suitable for planting under powerlines, planting in difficult urban sites, and tree species, genera and families that are currently not planted on a wide scale.

Many of the selections contained in this site are not yet widely available, and are in need of more testing in urban situations. A goal of this site is to improve knowledge of different tree species so that cities, residents and the nursery trade can work together to improve the diversity of tree species in our communities.

If you have tried some alternative species in your city, and would like to share information or photos, please contact the webmaster.

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