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General Categories.
Click on an icon too see trees which fall into the listed category

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Suitable For Planting Under Powerlines = Suitable for use under power lines.
Suitable for Wet Sites = Suitable for use in wetter sites
Tolerates Stressed Sites = Tolerates Stress
Avoid Stressed Sites = Avoid Stressed Sites
Ideal for Disturbed Sites = Good Choice for Disturbed Sites
Good Wound Response = Good Wound Response
Poor Wound Response = Poor Wound Response
Alkaline Soil Tolerant = Alkaline Soil Tolerant
Avoid Netural/Alkaline Soils = Avoid Neutral/Alkaline Soils (unless seed source is known to be alkaline tolerant)
Tolerates Limited Root Space = Tolerates Compact Root Space
Need Cold Hardy Seed Source = Cold Hardy Seed Source Needed for Cooler Zones.

NOTE: Results may vary. These criteria are provided for general guidance only.