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Korean Evodia (Evodia daniellii)

This Asian native is a member of the Rue Family, which contains the citrus trees. Evodia daniellii typically reaches approximately 25-40 feet in height. The spread is typically equal to or greater than the height of the tree. The tree is fast-growing, especially when young and seedlings can reach 5' in a single growing season. The tree is comparatively short-lived, but should give a service life of 20-25 years, and landscape specimens as old as 80 years exist.

White flowers are borne in mid summer and are quite showy. Fruit remains during the winter and adds interest to an uninteresting time of year. The bark of older stems and branches resembles beech. This plant appears to do better in good soils and seems somewhat intolerant of impoverished soils. This plant's small size will allow it to be used in restricted spaces, keeping in mind that it is as wide as tall.

This plant has been used in a limited number of areas in the Midwest. It has shown reasonable urban tolerance. We need to be concerned about seed source, as some seed sources are not cold hardy. It could be grown under power lines but the wound response is not known, and as a result it may be prudent to avoid small tree lawns until further testing has been done. Young trees should be well sited and mulched.

Korean Evodia in the Landscape
Korean Evodia in the Landscape.

More testing is needed on this tree in urban settings. If you have experience with this tree, and or photos you'd like to share, please contact the webmaster.

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