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Red Horsechestnut (Aesculus xcarnea)

Red horsechestnut is a hybrid between red buckeye and common horsechestnut. Under normal street conditions the tree does not exceed 40 feet in height and can remain under powerlines for as long as 30 years without requiring significant pruning.

Red Horsechestnut will reproduce true from seed. The tree is large enough to cast some shade and the flowers are quite showy. The tree seems to be popular with homeowners, unlike many other "small" trees that are being used regularly in street plantings. 'Briotii' or 'Ruby Red Horsechestnut' is the most common cultivar and was selected for red flower color and large pannicles. The tree is readily available in the trade, and should be considered.

For more info, please see the Ohio Street Tree Evauation Project

Red HorsechestnutRed Horsechestnut
Photos courtesy of the Ohio Street Tree Evauation Project

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