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Tatarian Maple (Acer tataricum)

An Asiatic maple with fall color ranging from yellow to red but is usually not as showy as red maple. The fruiting characteristics are variable but can be very ornamental as the samara changes from green to red and then tan. Fruit can be held all winter. The habit is more arboreal than Amur maple but informal and attractive. This is a small tree, rarely exceeding 20-30 feet in height. Good selection for use in planters. See photos below.

Tatarian Maple is closely related to the Amur maple and should show its tolerance of urban sites and intolerance of verticillum wilt. Tatarian maple could be used under power lines due to its size. Alkaline and compacted soils are tolerated by the Tatarian maple. Can be grown as a tree or large multi-stemmed shrub (see photo below). These trees may need to be pruned to ensure that they have a structurally stable branching pattern.

Tatarian Maple
Tatarian Maples, single-stemmed street planting beneath utility wires in Westerville, Ohio. Summer 2001.
Tatarian Maple - click to enlarge
Tatarian Maples, Winter Habit, Multi-stemmed (Click image to enlarge).

Tatarian Maple - click to enlarge
Tatarian Maple close up of leaves and fruit (Click image to enlarge).

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