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Trident Maple (Acer buergeranum)

This Asiatic maple is an ideal size for urban use (See top photo, #1 below). The attractive yellow to red fall color colors about a week later than most other maples and extends the fall color display. Its moderate size allows it to be used as a shade tree in urban areas. It will stay under power lines, for example, for twenty years or longer without pruning. This plant has a rounded, regular outline making it an attractive small tree.

The plant will tolerate woodland edge conditions. Its shade tolerance allows it to be used on the north side of buildings. The wound response is not known. We suspect it will tolerate some mechanical damage. The bark is plated like that of the sugar maple. This plant is tolerant of acid to neutral soils, and does better in a larger growing area. Street tree tests in Cleveland showed that plants in 6 foot tree lawns which were well cared for by residents survived and flourished (see photo #2 at bottom). Survival in narrow tree lawns was less than expected.

Trident Maples
Trident Maples
Trident Maples in Cleveland Ohio

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