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Icon Definitions

Suitable For Planting Under Powerlines = Suitable for use under power lines. - In general, these trees will tend to grow to less than 40 feet during their expected service lives under avarage street tree conditions.
Suitable for Wet Sites = Suitable for use in wetter sites - Trees bearing this icon should show above average tolerance for flooding, and poorly drained sites. Many of these trees are flood plain species which have shown tolerance for wet soils in their natural habitat.
Tolerates Stress = Tolerates Stress - This a fairly general designation, and indicates trees which will survive in a broader range of typical urban site conditions (moisture, root space, disturbance, compaction, nutrition, light, etc.). Survival is based on an expected service life of approximately 20 years.
Susceptible to  Stressed Sites = Susceptible to Site Stresses- This a fairly general designation, and indicates trees which show a fairly narrow range of tolerance for one or more site conditions (moisture, root space, disturbance, compaction, nutrition, light, etc.) Users are encouraged to further research trees with this icon to identify their limitiations.
Ideal for Disturbed Sites = Good Choice for Disturbed Sites. - In general, indicates a tree which will survive in sites where the topsoil has been disturbed and/or is shallow.
Good Wound Response = Good Wound Response. - In general, these trees are suited for planting in areas where mechanical damage is more likely.
Poor Wound Response = Poor Wound Response. - Trees with this designation should not be planted where frequent mechanical damage is a possibility. The bark and cambium of young trees should be protected, especially when used in close areas such as narrow tree lawns.
Alkaline Soil Tolerant = Alkaline Soil Tolerant/Indicator Plant. - Will tolerate soils with pH of 6.5 or above
Avoid Netural/Alkaline Soils = Avoid Neutral/Alkaline Soils. - Most trees prefer acidic soils. Trees with this designation are more particular than average about soil pH and prefer acid soils with pH less than 6.0-6.5.
Tolerates Limited Root Spaces = Tolerates Limited Root Spaces. - In general, trees with this designation can be planted in 3-6 foot tree lawns, islands less than 100 sq. ft. (and planters where indicated).
Cold Hardy Seed Source Needed = A Cold Hardy Seed Source is important if the tree is to be planted in zones 4 or 5 (This site does not deal with zones colder than zone 4, and is designed primarily for zones 4-6).

If you have tried some alternative species in your city, and would like to share information or photos, please contact the webmaster.

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