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Questions about the Trees

Q: Can you diagnose my tree problem?

A: Probably not. Tree problems are very difficult to diagnose over the internet. They can be caused by complex combinations of biological and environmental factors. The best course of action is to have a certified arborist visually inspect your tree.

Q: Where can I find a particular tree that you have listed in my area?

A: We are not up on all of the nurseries in all areas. We can occasionally provide a known source for a particular tree, but it may not necessarily be close to you.

Questions about the Web Site

Q: Why does your web site seem to use so many different names for the same tree in the same paragraph? Can't you be consistent? What's wrong with your grammar?

A: This is the internet. We try to use as many different names as possible for a particular tree, sometimes capitalized, sometimes not. The reason for this is to make it easier for people using search engines to find the site. We even include common misspellings of names in our hidden META tags to help people find information on the trees. However, we always welcome comments regarding errors on our site. We aplogize for grammatical errors, websites are a lot of work and we do this in our spare time. We make every attempt to fix bugs when we are notified.

Q: Will you please turn off the music?

A: The music has been turned off.

Q: Will you please turn the music back on?

A: We have now included a link on the homepage for people to turn the music on if they like.

Q: Why can't I hear the music?

A: The music is an embedded MIDI file, your computer and your web browser must be properly set up for MIDI in order to play the file. The music file is only played on the home page, and the quality of the playback will vary depending on the quality of your sound card. NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: We thought music was a fun idea, however, we discovered that sometimes it generates a lot of unnecessary e-mail.