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Tree and Woody Plant Dictionary
for MS Word (v. 1.10)

(Updated 5/19/2000. Check back for updates and corrections.)

  • This dictionary contains more than 5000 words relating to trees and woody landscape plants, including scientific names, cultivars, and botanical terms, and some names of herbaceous plants. If you find this useful (or if you do not find it useful) please feel free to contact the webmaster and leave feedback. This is a public dictionary, and all are welcome to contribute.

    • Instructions: Click on the above link and select "SAVE LINK AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS" from the file menu, or the right-mouse-click menu. Place it in an "MS Office" or "Common Files" directory on your computer. Select "OPTIONS" from the spell checker menu, then select "DICTIONARIES", and finally "ADD". You will then be required to navigate to the file (remember where you put it!) and select it.

      The command path for Office 97 is TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> SPELLING AND GRAMMAR >> DICTIONARIES >> ADD >> (navigate to file and select) >> OK (Then check the box next to the dictionary to turn it on and off)

    • Important Notes about the dictionary:
      • Most of the words in this file have been verified, however, the list of words is probably is not 100% correct, (despite this, it is very helpful in speeding up spellchecks!). If you find errors please feel free to contact the webmaster.

      • If you have tree names not found in this dictionary, or a custom dictionary of your own, feel free to send it to me and I will merge your list with this document.

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