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Mongolian Linden (Tilia mongolica)

This is one of the smallest of the lindens, and typically reaches heights of 30 ft.. This plant has done reasonably well in urban situations and has exhibited a good deal of resistance to feeding of the Japanese beetle that causes problems for many of the lindens in acid soils, Dirr lists the plant as resistant to aphids. Mongolian linden has a typical attractive rounded habit, with a spread of up to 25 feet. This plant's small size should allow it to be used under power lines. The leaf of Tilia mongolica is more birch-like than linden-like and is fine textured for a linden, and the stems turn reddish borown in winter.

Lindens, in general, do not have a very good wound response. While Mongolian linden has not been specifically tested, this might be expected. Plant is considered hardy to zone 3 but tests in Alberta have shown that it is prone to damage from cold, ice and storms.

At least one cultivar of Mongolian linden may prove useful. 'Harvest Gold' is a hybrid of T. mongolica T. cordata (European littleleaf linden) with an oval crown. The height of 'Harvest Gold' is typically 35 feet and the spread 28 feet, and could prove useful under powerlines. The fall color is an attractive golden-yellow, and the bark is exfoliating. Availability is currently sporadic.

An interesting problem for all lindens is the flowers. June flowers are very fragrant - that's good. Bees are attracted in droves - that's bad. Make sure that people who might be sensitive to bee stings are not seated under the low crown of any linden tree.

Mongolian Linden<
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